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Listen Here!

ImageMy trusty 30 year old Radio Shack PRO-38 scanner only has room for ten frequencies. Here are my top ten picks for marine channels to listen to. You can have a lot of fun monitoring to ship to ship and ship to shore communications especially if you are near a big body of water (like Long Island Sound or Lake Huron.) Ahoy matey!

156.130 Channel 6 Intership Safety

156.450 Channel 9 Boater Calling

156.800 Channel 16 Distress, Safety and Calling

157.100 Channel 22A Coast Guard Safety Information Broadcasts

157.150 Channel 23 A Coast Guard

then five channels of intership communications:

156.425 Channel 68

156.475 Channel 69

156.575 Channel 71

156.625 Channel 72

156.925 Channel 78A

Good sailing!