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Pancakes !


Breakfast was a good reason to get up when I was little. All sorts of treats could be found as I ran into the kitchen in my pajamas. One standard offering was dunk eggs. Boil an egg until the white was cooked but the yolk was still loose. Make buttered toast and cut them into one inch strips. Using custom egg cups, carefully break off the top and spoon it off. Take your toast and dunk it into the golden yolk. Yum.

Even better were mornings filled with pancakes. My nose would be alerted by the smell of bacon or sausage. Fresh pancakes, with tons of butter and maybe even blueberries, were delights to behold. I had fresh blueberry pancakes this morning for the first time in forever. Were they good!

If you can’t wait, there is a mecca for all pancake lovers.

Make a point to visit The Original Pancake House. They elevate pancake loving to a new standard. Their food is so fresh and delicious. I was introduced to them in Michigan, but they are now in many states and even in Japan and Korea.

Full details can be found at:

Their Dutch Baby and apple pancakes will turn you into a beached whale with a huge smile on your face. I still like their melt-in-your-mouth blueberry pancakes with blueberry compote on the side. The constant lines out the door should be the only review you really need. If you love pancakes or any kind of breakfast food (they make great crepes, too!) plan a visit as soon as you can!


Bose Knows


Do you own a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker?

Do you have problems with pairing and connecting your speaker with other devices?

Do you suffer from sound problems (like clicks, drop-outs, missing bits) ?

If so, don’t delay. Send your speaker back for repair today.

Call 1-800-901-0875 and arrange for a return authorization.

I sent mine back. It was turned around in record time completely repaired.

I am presuming this was a software upgrade, but it may have been hardware, as well.

Now the unit instantly pairs with nearby Bluetooth devices and the sound is spectacular.

The Bose fix really did the trick. Bravo!