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October Rose


Nikki Yanofsky’s new Solid Gold EP is a delight. Her performances are confident, mature and damn solid. The songs are honed gems with really sweet arrangements and delightful production. Every mix is ear candy. Sit and savor these songs like an after dinner cordial. So satisfying…and you want to return over and over again.

The opener, Young Love, is dressed as a radio single. Mid-rangey and compressed, it really takes care of business and it is ready for success. Best of Me is aptly named. The burners are all the way up for this one. You can tell how much she loves it. The arrangement and mix is complex and thoughtful. Some really tasty guitar work here and the strings fill the sky. This is a keeper. I wish I could hear the wails that must have come out when they buttoned this one up. Smokin’ hot.

Me, Myself and I continues the confident air of this EP. Sail along with Nikki as she holds together. Clean and distinct and properly positioned in this set, it rolls along like a drive in the Spring with the top down. If you’ve enjoyed the new Nikki so far, hold on to Miss You When I’m Drunk. Sure, it has bluesy threads but it swings with authority. How autobiographical is this? It doesn’t matter – she’s so in control and loving it. A fun ride with lots of bounce.

An acoustic version of Young Love follows… throwing away the flash and glitter of the opening version. Stripped down, now you see how heartfelt this song can become. It takes on a similar feel to Nikki’s take on her classic I Believe. The finale, To No1, closes the door on this EP with grace and style. Promise me you’ll listen carefully to the message she sings: ‘I always thought by 22, I’d be sitting pretty with about five number ones… Never thought I could feel so old this young.’ A perfect ending to such a fine release.

It has been a long time since we have enjoyed a finished product from Nikki. This was really worth the wait. You won’t find one rough edge here. The supporting musicians capture every nuance of every track. You can feel how they enjoy and understand. So tight and appropriate, they add exuberance and compliment Nikki with every beat.

Love this EP, applaud and shake off your amazement after your first listening. Aren’t we lucky that this career has so much further to go? Do roses bloom at the end of October?

You bet they do!