Apple sigh

Where do squirrels store their apples for winter?car-apples


Got a map?

NOAA eastern composite

I often use NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts as propagation beacons.

I listen and note which weather stations are coming in from far away places.

From these observations, I can tell where my own signals might be heard

when operating my ham radios on 2 meters (144 to 148 MHz)

just above the FM broadcast band (88 to 108 MHZ  – and –

just below where weather radio broadcasts take place (162 MHz)

I began with a nationwide map of NOAA weather radio stations that you can find at:

and edited it into a handy 8 X 10 printable form

for use by DXers on the East Coast of The United States.

Feel free to distribute it and print it as you like!


Kitchen Drawer Fix


You’ve just installed a brand new kitchen unit.

Isn’t it great to have a brand new sink and counter top

along with new cabinets and shelves?

The new fork – knife – and spoon organizer is just too shallow

and slides back and forth in the drawer.

What to do?  It’s an easy fix!

Cut a painter’s mixing stick in half to create

two thin and low profile spacers.

Find where they need to be placed

and hold the positioning using a piece of masking tape.

Then drill a single hole on each side to screw them down.

Screw them into place to the back of the tray.

Now the tray doesn’t slide – and –

you can use the space behind the tray

because nothing is in the way!